Monday, September 13, 2010

Horsin' around

On Sunday, some friends and I trailered the horses up to Sky Lakes Wilderness.  Our plan was to have a leisurely ride, following Cherry Creek, and then come on back for lunch before traveling back to the Basin.

Here is a shot of Woodrow and I getting ready to head out. For those of you interested in horsemanship, yes, I wear a helmet EVERY ride, even at home.  The saddle is a Wintec dressage saddle (Isabella Wirth) which I have used for years, even in endurance rides.  The saddle pad is a standard trail pad, fitted with pockets for hoofpick, water etc.  The pouch at my waist is a cell phone holder, which I also use for a knife, ID, and Carmex.  I'm carrying a small whip because it helps reach the horse's face to shoo away bugs, and just in case I need a "motivater" to get out of a tight spot.  Let's see, what else?  Gloves always, long sleeves in wooded areas, half chaps which aren't visible, and good trail shoes by Ariat.  Woodrow is wearing an endurance bridle made of biothane, which is washable.  And me?  Ever fashionable in lilac breeches, self made lilac shell, and a white hiking shirt.    Remember this detail-it's important later.

Here are some of my companions-Amy and her wonderful mare Cameo, Earla and the handsome gelding Taipan:
Here is a nice photo of Cameo and Taipan discussing some secret:

After organizing 4 horses and riders, some old, some young, we're off:
We followed the trail for quite awhile, meeting up with some dogs and backpackers.  I don't believe Woody had ever seen a backpacker before and he skittered around a bit, ending up straddling a big log.  Silly pony!

There were lots of water crossings and the horses enjoyed splashing through-well, Taipan often jumped them...poor Earla. :-)  We came to a very boggy area and crossing the first time, we led the horses across.  It was quite deep in places and Larry warned us that it was dangerous.  We tried to build it up a little with rocks and bark so we, and others, could have safe crossing for the return.

We traveled up the creek further through small meadows, and deep trees.  There were lots of dragonflies, a few birds, and no other people.  Gorgeous!

Coming back, Amy crossed the bog first with her mare and I followed.  Big mistake!  Woodrow lost his footing on a rock, slipped to the right, compensated to the left and into the bog we went.  1000 lbs of stuck horse-so I got off.  Lilac breeches, white shirt and boots into the muck so Woody could get free on his own.

He's tired, wet and muddy up to his belly, and I am a little less clean than when I started.  I'm starting to flash a peace sign at Amy-and I'm still laughing. 

(There were no animals harmed in the making of this video.)

9-14-10 update: unfortunately, Woody did get hurt.  He is unable to use his right hind leg at the trot and so is on stall rest and bute (horse aspirin).  My husband and I are hoping for improvement by Saturday.  If there is no improvement, we'll need to take him to Bend, OR for x-rays. 


  1. Thankfully a little mud can wash off! Glad to hear no one was injured. Looks like a pretty day.

  2. What an exciting day!
    I'm soooo impressed with those lilac riding breeches!
    Oh and thankyou so much for the pattern, which I got yesterday. You are so sweet to send it all the way over here.

  3. Goodness, I'm glad everyone is ok! You actually don't look as muddy as I was picturing, so you even get muddy in style!

  4. I hope Woodrow's injury isn't serious, and he just needs to let muscles rest. Keeping my fingers crossed for him.

    The outfit looks (looked) great. Glad you were able to laugh off the dirt! That's part of the adventure ;)


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