Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back in the game with a fashion and sewing post

I was sidelined from the self-stitched september game but now I'm back.  Here is Monday evening's outfit.

I'm on my way out to meet a friend and go to our regular Monday meeting...I'm in a hurry and my photographer wasn't feeling the magic but here it is!

Teal pants in crepe couture V8397
Black cotton tee from Goodwill
Cardigan in sweater knit from Gorgeous Fabrics NL6922
Black slides from Payless shoes and teal earrings from Kauai.
Little dog waiting so patiently to come with me-he was disappointed.  Sorry about that Nick!

I want to talk about the pants.  This is a Marcy Tilton pattern and as such, the pants are quite voluminous.  This particular view of V8397  features open darts (I'm not sure of the technical term) on the thighs, seaming at angles across the thigh, a point formed away from the body and edge stitching throughout the design.  The line drawing doesn't show ANY of this so I won't take the trouble to link it for you.  Believe me though, it is a beautiful pattern and I loved the flow of the pants when worn last night. I am quite short and I realize this pant is probably a bit wide for me...but I love the style anyway.  While many clothes hang better on giraffe like models, the reality is that women are all shapes and sizes.

If you love how you feel in a garment, it shows and you'll carry the look.

In other news at the hacienda, my husband starts back to school in a week.  He is taking a Spanish literature class  and I believe a Spanish culture class?  Anyway, both classes are conducted in Spanish and he is looking forward to learning more.  He finished Year 2 of Spanish this summer by taking an intensive course of 4 hours a day for 8 weeks.  Onto Year 3!!  Good luck and work hard caro mio.... oh dang, that's Italian.

Let me add today's outfit  here.  It really is unworthy of its own entry.  I went to yoga class this morning and then walked these terrible terriers.  Yoga pants self made (pattern???) and everything else at least 5 years old.


  1. I really like those pants on you - very elegant!

  2. oh, thank you so much! They were an experiment for me and I plan to repeat them in a spring fabric. This crepe is wonderful and it is warm.

  3. I love the teal pants. They (you) look very classy. And from your description, the design sounds beautiful.

    And you drafted the yoga pants? Very impressive!

  4. Nine weeks.

    And you have a hidden terrier in the first photo, too.

    Great pants. I also like them from the side.

  5. They sound like interesting pants. It is all about how you feel in them!

  6. I love how your pants look on you. I love the doggies, too.

  7. Love that little face at the window!!! My cat is geriatric and won't let me out of her sight when she's awake. So cute, although difficult to get anything done when she starts demanding I come to bed with her at 9pm each night...!!!

  8. Hi Mary,
    Love your pants. Dogs are cute too. wISH I could sew clothes. I did it years ago but only for the kids. Whenever I tried to make something for myself it was a joke. I don't know how to adjust and everything looked homemade . Much harder than quilting for me. I will stick to quilting.


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