Monday, August 23, 2010

travel and camping SWAP

Isn't this a beautiful robe?  I drool over it from time to time and dream about making it up in a slinky silk charmeuse...maybe an oriental print or a dark deco print with night blooming flowers.  I can see myself gliding around the house in this number.

Nice fantasy, right?  What I really am doing is planning and sewing a travel and camping wardrobe for my winter in the desert.  I don't think I'll be gliding around in the Arizona desert in that number.  uhhh, more like this:

This has got to be one of the WORST envelope poses I have ever seen.  She looks like she is standing in the back row of a VB game and hoping the ball doesn't come near her!  But, these are terrific board shorts-I made some last year out of a pretty coral crinkle cotton and they are so flattering and easy to wear.  So, these are part of my SWAP in probably a light denim.

Pants: V8397 View B in red stretch and in a green/bronze stripe;View A in a teal crepe couture which is a fabulous fabric if you are looking for easy care suit fabric.  I am hoping I can wear these somewhere in Tucson this winter. 


Jackets will be the McCalls in the last post and also this cool pullover-->

I am using a summery striped cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics.Won't that be nice?
Maybe I'll add a zipper....

That's all for now as I need to get upstairs and start sewing.  Three of the four pants are cut out, and fabrics are matched to their patterns.  Stay tuned for more details on Jalie 2212, S 2370, S 2474 and M 5890.


  1. Mary, thankyou so much for your very generous giveaway offer!
    Your sewing plans look very practical as well as pretty. I like that striped fabric a lot. And I'm still mystified as to what SWAP stands for!

  2. Sewing for real life is limiting, isn't it? I once went on a cruise pretty much solely so that I could sew dresses to wear to dinner every night!

  3. Carolyn, SWAP=sewing with a plan. Always a good idea, but even more so when retired. trena, that is too funny!

  4. Thank you, Mary, for the giveaway AND for clarifying SWAP. :o) I've never tried SWAP, something I'll have to rectify once my DD is married! (And my first project will be that McCall's jacket!!!)

    I love vintage patterns, and that robe is definitely drool-worthy. Maybe you need to go on a cruise...

  5. Whoops! Forgot to sign out of my DH's email!

  6. So funny Debbie! I was wondering who Larry was, and if he really was lusting after that retro robe.

  7. Ooh, came back here to answer your question and saw your answer to my question, thanks!
    Re sewing jeans: no I don't think they take any longer than sewing a pair of slacks or trousers at all, and are definitely no more difficult. The only difference is in the double topstitching, if you choose to do it...


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