Sunday, August 1, 2010

a small project

Two new people will be entering my life soon and they need to be welcomed.  What better gift for a new baby than some cozy shoes?  The pair on top are for the soon to be here daughter of my nephew and his wife.  Aren't they the sweetest?  Those paisley shoes below them are for the son of a friend-when he gets here. 

This little project is made from a free download.  You can get the pattern at  which BTW is a great blog by Joanna Armour.  The tutorial for these shoes is listed on the side margin as Cloth Baby Shoes.  I reviewed the pattern on sewing.patternreview, or PR for those in the know :-) .  To see my review of these shoes, and other sewing projects I have done just click on the Pattern Review widget over in the margin. 

The shoes above are made from doubled fleece for the soles, flannel or single fleece for the uppers, and flannel or fleece for the heels.  The shoes are lined, though the seam allowances show and must be trimmed neatly.  There is elastic on the heel which connects in the layers of the upper and holds the cute little shoe on the cute little baby foot. 

This pair will be for Abel and Crystal's baby girl.  Pink flannel soles, maroon lining. flowery flannel upper and a green fleece heel.  And so tiny.  I can barely put my fingers into the little shoe. 

This pair on the right are for Shannon and Jason's baby boy, who will be arriving in September.  Dark green fleece was used for the soles, paisley fleece for the uppers and heels, and a pink lining in flannel.  I really like this fleece and especially like it for small projects like this.  I used it for a child's hat last year.  Well, I actually made the hat for myself and found it to be a tad bit "young".  So, off to someone who would use 8 year old!

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me so I am going to post Monday's cartoon tonight.  Let's see, looking through the list...hmmm, ah here it is!

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