Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my quiet life

I spent this morning with my horse Woodrow.  While I could say that I trained with him, it's probably more true to say that we just hung out.  He's easy to be around-he doesn't demand that I know about the latest hot band, or have an opinion on a Supreme Court nominee.  I can chatter at him, and he'll just blink.  Maybe nudge me for another peppermint.  Or, I can sit in utter despair and depression...he'll just wait until I feel like chattering again. 

I like to be around him because he is so quiet.  I spent 30 years with teenagers.  Is it any wonder that Woodrow is one of my favorite companions? 

I love my introverted life and when I came across this video, it perplexed me at first.  Then, I just totally enjoyed the poetry of her words.  What about you?  Does this video speak to any part of you?


  1. Hi, thanks for your comment! I agree, Pres Reagan was totally rocking that look, very cool guy in his time. But sadly no one is going to get away with the denim suit anymore!!
    It's so sweet to read how much you enjoy being with your horse. You're so right about that silent non-judgemental companionship of a pet that can lift your spirits in a way unmatched by a human friend...

  2. Carolyn, I know you are speaking from the heart as your dog is often in your pics. He's beautiful, BTW.

  3. I love to be alone, although I'm rarely lonely. Thank you for sharing that wonderful video.

  4. Wonderful clip. i loved it and yes I love to be alone. I can be me when I'm alone.

    Blessings Gail

  5. We had one horse that would follow me around when I scooped the manure into a wheelbarrow and then haul it away from the lean-to into the back field. I'd spend some quality time with him whenever I wanted agreeable and quiet companionship :)

    I love the video. Thanks for sharing it!


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