Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lucky you! Retirement update #3

Life is good, and I want to pass on some of my good fortune to my readers.  Starting today, and ending on Friday (20th), there will be a giveaway right here on biblioblog.  I have excavated the first layer of my pattern stash and have 10 patterns to give away.  It's easy...just leave a comment describing which pattern interests you, add in a contact email addy and say "thanks so much". 

At the end of the week (Sat 21st) I'll tally up the takers and contact those people who won a pattern and voila, a new to you pattern will be on its way to you via USPS.  In the event that more than one person wants a particular pattern, I'll put names in a hat.

Here is a list of the patterns available, along with a description and a photo. 

V8482 (8-16) uncut; tunic and pant
  V8585 (6-12) uncut; loose tunic, dress, pant

V2911 (ABC) skirt cut on C
S8720 (all) retro aprons-heavily used

S4149 (10-18) top cut on 10-12
M5715 (4-12) fleece jacket uncut
M5711 swing jacket uncut
M 5940 (4-12) zippered top, pant, skirt uncut
B5351 sundress (8-14) uncut
KS 3667 (XS-XL)  cut on M, hoodie
whew, that was a lot of work!  Off to ride now, Mary


  1. Hey Mary! I thought for a few minutes you were going to give away the rest of your grandma fabric! ;) LOL I love the vogue 8482! Put my name in the hat please...thank you for the giveaway! Brenda

  2. Hi, I saw your post on PR! I like the Vogue 8585 and think it would be great for hot Texas summers! I also like Butterick 5490 for the same reason, and it's super-cute! Thanks so so much!

    CurlySu717 (on PR)
    aka Sarah

  3. That Kwik Sew pattern looks really interesting! I'm always on the hunt for patterns with hoods. Thanks so much!

  4. I love the retro apron pattern!

    Thanks for doing this!

  5. Please put me down for the M5711 swing jacket--I'd never noticed that pattern before and I am on the hunt for a new Fall jacket (not quite ready for cold weather, though, despite our hot summer). Thank you!

    trena/nicegirl on PR

  6. hurray! 5 patterns have found homes. Remember that I'm waiting until Fri at midnight(PDT)to assign pattern to recipient.

    Vineta, I will need some contact info after next Friday. You can set up yahoo email or something like that so we can communicate on the mailing address.

    Debbie, leave a comment and we can arrange mailing through PR. :-)

  7. Hi Mary,
    I love the S4149 pattern. I'll trade you! I have too many patterns.

    Did you get your shirt (my shirt) entered into the contest?
    I love your blog.

  8. Thank you for sharing your patterns! I think the McCall's 5940 looks unique and challenging.

    Hopefully, I'm posting this correctly this time!


  9. Ack! I've been searching for a retro apron pattern! It even looks like it has a cobbler apron! But someone else already called sad, too slow! Well, if something changes I'd love it! And would thank you a million times over. It's neat that you're doing this!

    (Oh, and my email is


  10. Rybe, you still have a chance. I'll draw a name if there are 2 or more people interested in the same pattern. Good news, huh?


    Hi Sharon! Yes, I did enter your shirt and maybe we'll get a chance to see it on the runway.
    Trade a pattern? Oh yeah baby!! Glad you enjoy my blog.

  11. Hi Mary!
    I was happily typing M5715 when I realized the size was too small! :-( Oh, well...
    Good luck to all the other ladies!
    And thanks for the chance to win a nice prize. :-)

  12. Oh, too bad Barbara! Better luck next time.

  13. Ooh, I love that Kwiksew hoodie. Very generous of you to give away your patterns, thankyou so much!

    Carolyn.S at Pattern Review, or

  14. The M5715 looks interesting. I think it would make a great a top or dress for work if sewn up in a knit fabric! Please put my name in the hat for that one!

    How nice of you to pass on your good fortune to others! Thank you!

  15. This is great...only one pattern left. I'm going to be busy on Saturday getting these sent off to each of you.


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