Tuesday, July 6, 2010

summer giveaway

This will be short and sweet. Some may know that I sew...a lot. More than I need, but exactly what I want. Sometimes what I want turns out to be more than I can use, or store, or even re-fashion into something usable. The tunic top below (sewn from Simplicity 3786 View D in ~size 12) is an example of such a project:conceived in the throes of creative passion, using materials that are utilitarian, including details that lend an artistic flair. hmmm...

If you would like this piece of wearable art, leave a comment below. Tell me why you want this tunic, and if chosen in a random drawing, it will be yours. No strings attached.


  1. What an adorable top! Such a lot of work for a garment you can't wear. What did you put the colored motifs on with? Very beautiful. I'd be more than happy to give it a good home (although as 38D size 12 it may not fit me that well either.) I like the edge treatment and the placement of the motifs as well as their color.

  2. Sharon, it is yours :-)
    Thank you! I screen printed it using metallic paint. The fabric is osnaburg, which is what was used for feed sacks way back when. Being a heavy utility fabric, it took the slightly metallic paint differently than I had planned.

    Sharon1952, your screen name takes me back to PR. Do you want me to go there and use PM to arrange delivery?

  3. Well. Crap. Yet again a dollar short and a day too late. :/

    Well, if someone was gonna beat me to the punch, I'm glad it was Sharon!! {waves @ Sharon} I make no promises that I won't beg to borrow it sometime!!!

    Mary, you *ARE* going to perhaps ... I dunno ... maybe post a tute on your technique, right? RIGHT?!

    *psst: doing a tute will more than make up for any sad people who didn't post in time to win your lovely top!*

  4. You are devious, you know that, don't you? I'll do a tute just for you :-)


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