Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sharing and sewing for others

Ross and I have been together for eons-and I have become a bit more generous with my stuff when it comes to sharing with him. We used to share french fries and I would unconsciously count how many he was eating! In 1972, french fries came in a little, teeny paper bag so you know I was hoping for my half or more, which would have been about 7 fries. Obviously we worked out this slight relationship problem since we are still together---we started buying 2 bags! How smart is that?

In my quest to improve myself, I continue to look for ways to share. Not french fries though-those are off limits. I am sewing a shirt for Ross and I hope he'll like it. I'm using this older McCall's pattern

and making the long sleeve version out of a retro polyester? fabric. The fabric is white with very small black dots woven in, giving a grey look to the overall fabric. The drape and hand of this synthetic are good and the fabric is not too difficult to work with. I have the body of the shirt done-collar, front, back, yoke-and will work on the sleeves and cuffs in the next few days.

It will be a wonderful shirt for fall, and I think flattering for him.

Some of you may remember my vow of a few weeks ago to give away one item for every item sewn. I have been trying to stay with that promise to myself and in fact, I now have some "holes" in my wardrobe. The result of this intentional sharing is that I am being forced to sew what I need, more than what I want. That's good! Also, my wardrobe is becoming much more reflective of my personal taste, and my lifestyle. I've sent experiments on to others, given not quite right clothing to the Crisis Center, passed on a coat which I know I'll never wear again.

I know I will have achieved some growth in this area when I intentionally sew for strangers. Almost there...progress, not perfection, as they say.

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