Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A sewing evolution

I have been sewing seriously for about three years, and I have lost none of my enthusiasm for it. Sewing a garment takes me to a fabulous, romantic place in my imagination where clothing is so feminine and alluring. I can remember being intimidated by sewing, especially fitting. I would muddle through a pattern, confusing myself with markings and grainline and zippers, only to emerge through this tortuous journey with a completed garment which DID NOT FIT.
At the time, I did not know that the sizing on patterns was different from RTW, and god forbid that I should actually measure my hips. Such sweet denial.

I discovered PatternReview through none other than Marcy Tilton. My long time friend Cathy (Hi Cathy!) invited me to an open studio in Cave Junction hosted by Marcy. At that time, I had been trying to teach myself to sew by making purses. We had a great time poking around Marcy’s studio and shop, and bought up fabric, buttons, cards, screens, DVD’s and more fabric. Marcy said “Oh, you must go online to visit PatternReview”. I have Cathy and Marcy to thank for my new obsession, uh, I mean hobby.

Through PR, its generous members and many other sewing sites, I taught myself the basics of sewing. I learned to fit an easy pattern to myself, and to make the inside of a garment look as nice as the outside. By far the greatest gift this site has given me is a realistic view of my figure. Sewing has helped me shed a life long disappointment that I am not 5’9” and thin. In fact, sewing has helped me see that I am what is called a proportioned petite with an hourglass figure. And that is just fine.

photo credits: #1-Folkwear Patterns; #2-cheap monday duct tape dress; my own blue blob


  1. I do not see Patternreview on your blog list. It is a sight to go to isen't it? Is it just called patternreview? .com or blogspot or .org? Maybe you could list this sight and some of the others you mentioned you like that helped you learn sewing. Love your blog! :) Sarah

  2. Sarah, good suggestion and thanks for your comment. I'll incorporate it into a post coming up. In the meantime, the site I mentioned is at



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