Thursday, July 29, 2010

returning to reality

I have returned from my long weekend in the Bay Area and I am so happy to be home.  As much as I love seeing my friends and family, I am definitely a country mouse.  OMG, people drive aggressively in that part of the country. Driving in San Jose was a test of nerve, and I nearly failed.   Highlights from my trip include seeing my family, attending the wedding, and the weather in Santa Cruz.  I could not believe that it was all the years I lived there, I don't think I ever had a tan.  Fog, fog, and more fog.  When it wasn't foggy, it was windy.  This weekend though, the fog lifted by noon each day, revealing the Monterey Bay in all its splendor. 

I zipped over to San Jose to visit some of my family and enjoy a giant family-style Italian meal.  We only had 11 of the family there, but it was a wonderful evening with lots of good food, much laughter and many hugs.  I drove back to my hotel feeling full of light and warmth.  However...(in all good stories there is a "however")
the reality is that the economic downturn has affected my family greatly.  One nephew and his wife are sharing their home with their Dad, my brother, and also with another family of six.  I hope our evening brought a small amount of respite to this part of the family. 

On a lighter note, I went shopping at american apparel and bought 2 sweatshirts (told you it was chilly there!) which are warm, fashionable, and made in the USA.  Check out the web site for details about the company.  I'm intrigued by their business model and happy to see that one more company is basing its clothing maufacturing in the US.   Other shopping included a wonderful trip to a vintage shop and a visit to a risque lingerie store (!!).  Purchases included a pair of capris with drawstrings, and the other...none of your business.  :-) 

Happy Friday everyone~

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