Friday, July 2, 2010

my own version of wearable art

I've been busy, and have been selfishly ignoring all of my readers. How could a retired person be busy with at least 40 extra hours in the week? Besides the usual sewing, gardening, riding and just a little bit of household chores, my biggest push in the last week was to finish up with an online contest. PatternReview hosted a Wearable Art contest and I was chosen to manage it. What fun! Take a look at the gallery when you click on the link below:

While I love the concept of wearable art, and play around with it in a small way, these sewists are far beyond me. Take a look at the hand painted kimono, or the jacket with designs fused to it, or the southwest reversible jackets. Just amazing work was done in a variety of textiles and techniques.

I couldn't enter as I managed the contest, but I did sew along with the group. Here is a tunic I made from weavercloth, and overlayed with metallic netting.

The style is very comfortable, and I love the deconstructed look of the netting at the hem. I think it will wear easily, and if hand washed, hold up for some time.

Besides this contest, I discovered a great group over at Flickr. Check out Self Stitched September (see margin) if you are interested in breaking away from store bought clothing and want to become more self-sufficient. The goal of each participant is to wear at least one item of self made clothing on each day of September. Stay tuned for updates...I'm in and looking forward to the challenge.

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    It's great you joined SSS! I like your artful approach to sewing.
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