Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just because

I'm adding this post just because...I can. It's my blog anyway. So there.

I'm feeling a little bit the worse for wear. Earlier this summer I hurt my lower back and legs. I thought rest would restore me to my usual fitness level but, no...I just got worse. I finally went to the dr. and that was an enormous step for me, the girl who was raised by a Marine dad who believed "fresh air and exercise" could cure anything. My god, the man made me do situps when I told him I had started my period for the first time. Okay, maybe that was too much information. sorry.

So, I went to the dr. and expected to be told I had knee cancer or that my spine had dissolved. He said "back strain and hamstring pain". uh, yeah, that's what *I* said when I came in. yeah, I was a little defensive. The guy was retiring in 6 more days, and he shuttled me off to a physical therapy place. Thomas, the PT in charge of my treatment, took a lot of notes while I bent and twisted, and pushed, and walked on tip toe...then he said...wait for it..."back strain and hamstring pain". arghhhh. ouch.

PT is very easy so far-I get to swim a little, then get ultrasound and electrical thingies shot into my back, then a deep tissue massage, then a little bit of recumbant biking. All for a $15 co-pay. Life is good.

What isn't very good is that this injury has made me feel older, and more vulnerable, and brought back memories of a bad horse accident I had in 2005. Though I'd like to just push all that old stuff back into a crevice, I really need to honor my memories. They remind me that life and health are precious.

The picture below is a scrapbook page I did after my accident. Isn't Woodrow handsome? He is gray in spots now, and very happy in his quiet life.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. PT is very helpful, and it helps mentally too, I think, because you're doing something to get better.

  2. thanks so much. I continue to improve each day and you are very correct in the mental aspect of PT.

  3. Hi, I hope you back is feeling better now, after some physio. A bad back is such an awful problem...
    I'm glad you still have your horse though.
    Thankyou for you nice comment yesterday.


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