Friday, June 11, 2010

weekend plans-what are you doing?

Hi readers,

Today I'm taking some time away from Ten Poems To Change Your Life by Roger Housden. I need to finish the book by Sunday, and I will, but the weather has been so pretty! I want to be in the woods, galloping down the trail and blasting through the trees into the sunny meadow. Oh, and that's not me over there...that's my friend Bec and her lovely mare Hannah. Hannah and Bec were trail buddies of Woodrow and me when we were competing in endurance.

Here's a nice shot of me and Woody at Chief Paulina a few years back:

I don't compete anymore, and Woodrow is 20 years old this year. He still has the heart to go long distances, and to move out, but what he really loves is people (because they always have cookies).

So, this weekend I am going to:

1. ride

2. read

3. sew

cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene? maybe

What are your weekend plans?

dang, I almost forgot the cartoon of the week...

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  1. Weekend plans? Try reading your entire blog!!! :)

    Woody is SO gorgeous!! I'd ask what breed he is, but I'm hoping to find out in your earlier posts. I just love how high he holds his tail ~ so graceful!! :)

    As for your cartoon: hilarious!! And oh, so true!! Sometimes, someone else has it rougher than you, right?!!

    Big ol' sew-y craft-y hugs, Girlfriend!!!


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