Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Don't you love it when a book opens your world to new ideas, and helps you learn new techniques or skills? I picked up Fabric Embellishing The basics and beyond last fall and carried it with me as I traveled through the Southwest. What a wonderful resource for those looking to use textiles in their artwork.

Fabric Embellishing The basics & beyond
Chandler, Kettle, Thomas, Vlcek

144 Pages • Hardcover, hidden spiral, lay-flat binding • $29.95 new

Fabric Embellishing includes over 50 techniques divided into 3 main categories: foundations, soft embellishments and hard embellishments. Each technique is complete with a materials list, clear directions and step-by-step photography. There are tip boxes throughout for added fun, and the authors included thier own examples in "designer's gallery" photographs. Techniques include:

• Textiva • Cocoons & Rods• Burning• Paper Collage• Angelina • Couching• Crazy Quilting• Image Transfer• Needle Felting• Lutradur• Weaving• Embroidery• Dévoré• Stamping• Discharge Dyeing• Tyvek• Metal• Beading•Appliqué• Foiling

The book is meant to be an introduction to these techniques, and suggests that the reader make a sample book of the technques. I cannot imagine being so disciplined as to do that...I am more the type to read and research, then jump in to see what happens.
Embroidery samplers, thread and stitch samples, topstitching practice...snoozetime for me. Instead of using careful planning and preparation, I am going to include some of these techniques this month while working on a series of "wearable art" blouses. What could go wrong? No, don't answer that! Back to the point of this post...this book is a wonderful addition to any textile artist's library-highly recommended.
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