Monday, June 7, 2010

poetry, prose and the perfect outfit

Looking for a summer project that will blend your love of clothes, of reading, and of writing into a chance to become a published author? ModCloth (NAYY) is calling for submissions, and the deadline is August 1, 2010. Sharpen your pencils and start writing! Poetry, narrative, novella...looks wide open to me. Here's the page to go to in order to learn more:


  1. ooh, interesting link. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I love Oregon. My husband and I thought seriously about moving to Portland but are staying put for the time being.

  2. Hi Mary, Glad you found me (Aprils country corner) and yes, we do have some of the same interest. I didn't know where to go to just talk. Farmgirl Cheryl is one of your followers and she is my mother hen in the Charming Chicks. Small world. Love to meet you sometime.

  3. Lia, Isn't that an interesting contest? Love your blog entries for creativity boot camp. BTW, we spend winter down near your part of the world. What a beautiful desert. I live in high desert, much like Flagstaff.

    April, maybe we can meet up in RL. Such a small world. :-)


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