Wednesday, June 2, 2010

in the closet part 2

The most recent addition to my closet is my rendition of the brown pants on the left. This is a Vogue pattern (#8397, in case you are shopping) and designed by a talented Oregonian, Marcy Tilton. Her website is . Be sure to visit for inspiration, patterns and fabric. I love her work, and just plain enjoy visiting with her when I am able to get over to her studio.

But what of my closet? Last post showed my small closet with 72 garments, and I confessed to feeling some shame at this. I mean, really, how much does a girl need? When I was working, I had a working wardrobe that included classroom clothes, conference clothes, important meeting clothes.

Those are gone, gone, gone. Along with all but one pair of pantyhose.

I seem to have replaced all those clothes as fast as I could. But there is good news: of the 72 items I counted, 47 of them were sewn by me. I love to sew. And, I love to sew clothes. Given that I have limited space, limited money, and a lot of time, I decided to give away 1 item for every item I sew. gulp. Do you think this is possible?

What about you, reader? Do you feel you have enough? Too much? Not enough?

Let's end with some lightheartedness:

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