Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The dog days of summer...introducing "Books about..."

What better time to read a new book? This post is #1 of the series "Books about..."

I love dogs and I love books. Therefore it follows that I would love books about dogs.

uh, not always. I did spend much of my childhood reading every book I could find about dogs and horses, and once I made it through Jack London and Anna Sewell, I traveled some less worn paths through good and bad animal lit.

Here are some choices for my summer reading-some to be re-read and others are on my "to read" list.

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time Mark Haddon 2003: a wonderfully quirky mystery in which the protagonist is an autistic teenage boy. There is a dog in the story-for a time. Highly recommended.

The Dogs of Babel Carolyn Parkhurst 2003: originally published as Lorelei's secret, a story of a grieving man's quest to find the truth behind his wife's fall to her death. He attempts to teach his dog to speak in order to uncover the truth. This is a long shot for me but I'm going to pick it up for a summer read.

The Hidden Life of Dogs Elizabeth Marshall Thomas 1996: Thomas follows her own dogs as they
live their dog lives. She attempts to be as unobtrusive as possible, even going so far as to not train them. This is an unapologetic anthropomorphic dog party and I found it readable and enjoyable. This will be a re-read for me this summer.

The Lives of Monster Dogs Kirsten Bakis 1997: A fantastical tale of intelligent, genetically engineered dogs from the 1880s who arrive in Manhattan during 2008. I know- it sounds ridiculous! So much so that I'm tempted to hunt it up and give it a try. Creepy, odd, a canine Frankenstein.

A Dog's Life Peter Mayle 1996: One of the better renditions of canine autobiography. "Boy" traces his beginnings and journey to Provence.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment. I wouldn't mind reading and seeing how you reclaim a forgotten bit of a yard. Will it be decorative, or a plot to feed the family? Either way, I'll follow it.

    I have a dog and 2 cats, and it is surprising how they can get along (or not). I've read many books about dogs, especially during my younger years.


  2. Hi Yvette,

    I wish I could grow veges in my yard but it is too shady in the back. I've considered using the front yard but it would involve lots of soil reconditioning and I just don't have the back for that type of work anymore. :-(

    Right now we are cutting back overgrowth, clearing some 60 yo lawn and tending what is growing in the terraces right now. I'll do a few photos.

    We have resident deer, as you must also. They are nice to look at but such a nuisance. As well as the bad, bad squirrels!!

  3. Your dogs are very sweet, and your cat too. Pets are wonderful, especially to garden with! Thanks for stopping by... roxanne

  4. roxanne, in the interest of full disclosure...that darling golden and cute black cat aren't mine. I have jack russells and while they are cute, they don't hold still long enough for a photo.

  5. I highly recommend "The Art of Racing in the Rain." The novel's narrator is the dog, and wow, is it a great read!

  6. Oh, thank you for this reminder Miss C! I read that a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Any others you have read while not sewing????


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