Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogs to watch-rivergardenstudio

Roxanne Stout is an artist in Keno, OR. whose work I find compelling and evocative. This beautiful image is from her book what calls from beyond. The colors used and the richness of detail, along with abstract symbols found in the pages all lend a byzantine effect to her work.

From her website: "I am evolving as a painter. I love the process of changing a canvas or a piece of wood into a new creation. I enjoy using texture in my work, sand, paper products or gels. I like my work to look old and glazed." Roxanne is a middle school art teacher and helps her students create their own art journals. Below is a page from her new book focusing on the Klamath River wildlife:

Song of the River is hand stitched, illustrated by Roxanne and written in her own hand. It was published by herself and her editor, Fay Malloy. Copies are available for sale-only $12/copy and $2 shipping. Send to

Roxanne Evans Stout

PO Box 645

Keno, OR 97626

For more information about this local artist, visit her blog.


  1. Dear Mary, I just got back from Corvallis, and then a bookmaking class in Ashland yesterday, and I have had a chance to have a good look at this! Thank you so much for seeing my work as I hoped others would see! I hope your summer is going beautifully! roxanne

  2. That's wonderful that I saw what you were creating...I hope I can continue to enjoy new work on your blog from time to time. Also, next month I'll pick up a copy of your new book, ok?


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