Monday, June 21, 2010

Author chats-Ann Parker

Meet Ann Parker, a science and technical writer for 30 years before turning to frontier fiction.

Ann visited the Klamath County Library on Friday, June 18th for an Author Chat. There are two more scheduled this summer, each introducing a different author. For more information, see my entry dated June 14, 2010 (Let your imagination soar). Ann has written three novels, and is currently working on a fourth. The series takes place in Leadville, Colorado and begins with Silver Lies, a murder mystery in the center of the silver rush of 1879. Iron Ties follows with more murder and conspiracy as railroad companies compete for the right to ship silver ore from Leadville. Ulysses S. Grant appears in this novel. Leaden Skies brings more intrigue, Grant continues as a character, and politics is the focus of the third in the series.

Ann was a delightful speaker and not only did she talk about the books, but shared some quirky details from her research. From a letter written by George Elder to his mother: "A murderer is safer in Leadville than a horse thief ". Oh, and silver has antibiotic properties-some say if you put a pure silver coin in milk, it will last 2 extra days.

Not only did I learn about three new mysteries for those lazy summer afternoons, but I took advantage of a free community activity. How cool is that?

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