Monday, May 14, 2018

read the day away

         Summer reads for those warm, lazy days

Saturday, May 12, 2018

righteous anger

I just posted an infographic highlighting the numerous connections between Trump and the Russians.  The story is becoming very complex, but I think the infographic is helpful because it divides the various relationships into categories.  

Gazprom (and Rosneft)--->energy 

DST--->technology (including Facebook and Twitter)

VTB--->second largest Russian bank, connected to En+

En+ Group and Rusal----> major investment companies

Bank of Cyprus----> conduit for millions paid to Manafort and well known as the place to launder money.   Wilbur Ross, our Sec of Commerce, served on the Board until March 2017.

Access Industries--->campaign contributions to numerous Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Scott Walker etc.  Oh, and Trump and McCain and others. Russian oligarch Blavatnik contributed 1 million bucks to the Inaugural Committee.  Blavatnik and Vekselberg own most of Rusal and Vekselberg is the largest shareholder of the ...guess what bank....yes, Bank of Cyprus!

Columbus Nova--->US arm of Velselberg's companies Renova Group.  

I am appalled at the fact that Trump was able to hoodwink the voters into believing he would "drain the swamp".  This IS the swamp-these beyond rich "people" are slowly amassing most of the wealth in this world, in a ploy for domination.  

In the meantime, child labor laws are being relaxed and your 17 year old kid will now be expected to run heavy machinery for minimum wage.  Black and brown people are being harassed on a daily basis in public places in America, while the police do the bidding of the masters.  Healthcare is becoming even more unaffordable, and fresh food will soon be very expensive as we have slowed down guest visas.  Gas prices are rising-hmmm see the first category-and whatever tax benefit you got from that attempt to buy us, well, it will get eaten up in transportation costs.  

Stay home and use the computer.  Check out Facebook and Twitter and Instagram for some cheap entertainment.  Continue to stay asleep even while using platforms owned partially by these Russian oligarchs and their Silicon Valley hacks.  

What has happened to America?  Universe, help us rediscover our hopes and dreams and generosity of spirit.  

it's so damn obvious


Sunday, April 29, 2018

small joys

Joy: pleasure, bliss, delight, elation...and it is transient in nature. 

One characteristic which defines me is that I am able to find joy in everyday items and experiences.  My first cup of coffee will be enough to give me hope for the day, at least until reality sets in with its onerous tasks or problems to manage.  Then caffeine hits my bloodstream and I'll whip up a "TO DO" list in no time.  

My Dad had a very good attitude about life and I think I either learned it or inherited it.  He was able to access a deep-seated source of joy in his faith, and had a quirky sense of humor.  We spent lots of time together in the mornings, as we were both early risers.  Those mornings were filled with music, reading, and talks about life.  Oh, and coffee (or tea when I was younger). 

What also came my way was depression, that black dog so many of us wrestle with.  It is the other side of joy, and I keep a leash handy to manage him when this dog visits me.  Did you know that Winston Churchill used the phrase "black dog" to explain his own dark moods?  

I believe that joy resides within but gets blocked by circumstance. We keep mementos, knick-knacks, trifles, and art to remind us to allow joy. Today's small joys:
Underwear should be fun!

Guarding the microwave.

The most fun, EVER.
Lena the javelina,
geode and I since 1980
and the real deal across the street.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Free PDF patterns for you

There are so many indy pattern companies looking to catch your interest.  I occasionally find some gems, and hope you do too in the list below:

Perfect Beach dress from So Sew Easy

The Nyssa dress  from Mood Fabrics

Free patterns from pattern easy

The drop sleeve top from The Avid Seamstress-free when you sign up for their newsletter.

The Ruffle Sleeve top from Peppermint Magazine, which offers info and free patterns.
Boxy topVariety of patterns also from Peppermint Magazine.

A variety of craft pattern pieces and a shift dress is found at Made To Sew

Athina Top from Tessuti Fabrics

Some really cute patterns at Itch to Stitch and her downloads are so easy to work with!  I have this pattern for a knit skirt---->

As soon as I finish the 2 blouses I am working on, I plan to make do some printing and taping :-)  
Here is what is in my studio right now:  

 I have this pinned together trying to decide if I like the combination of fabrics I chose.  While the solid linen is very heavy and coarse, I think I can finesse the neckline notch if I am careful.  I love the little pocket which will be perfect for carrot treats. 

The McCall's pattern on the left is a wrap blouse and we all know how pretty they are to look at and how hard to wear.  I have extra ties cut out and ready to install, as well as snaps. :-) 

Happy summer sewing!