Saturday, September 29, 2018

Four Seasons-Autumn

"And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and autumn was awakened."  Raquel Franco

It is my favorite time of year, especially after a long summer.  I am energized by the fall and spend lots of time changing up the house, planning meals, and refreshing my wardrobe.  

My current sewing involves blues, in all their glorious shades.  Teal, navy, turquoise, azure, indigo. Along with these shades, I am incorporating some greens, golds, and cream.  Here, let me show you my plan:

This peachskin in cyan, navy and sand was used to sew Love Notion's Rhapsody blouse.  Great pattern and good results!  I have not written a review yet but will get that posted on Monday.  

These are two pieces of cotton which will become Walter's Front-tie blouse by Silhouette Patterns.  This pattern is a nod to a Walter Finley design and those blouses sell for about $180.00.  Peggy hasn't posted the pattern yet (I received it in a fall collection) so I included the Finley blouse from Neiman Marcus.  

This is a fun rayon in beautiful fall colors, shot through with some metallic thread.  It will be sewn using McCall's 7284.  I'm still looking for a contrast fabric for the yoke.  

These two will become pants-the blue twill will be a slim ankle length pant and the cream linen will be either capris or a slim pant.  I am still dithering about what pattern to use.  I'll use McCall's 6930 or Collette's Clover. 

Finally, in the last photos, you can see my recent yoga pants in a brown slinky.  Slinky is the fabric from hell, but it sure makes nice traveling pants!  I used B 6494  (link->review)

They were made to go with this fun, though REALLY big, top.  The blouse is made using Cutting Line Designs 59269 My Heart's A'Flutter  (link->review)

I hope your sewing, and life in general, is going well.  We all need to take care of ourselves during this time.  

Thursday, September 6, 2018


There has got to be a better way.  Look at this-patterns, reference books, notes from articles, hints, and tips with highlighting.  It's like graduate school of sewing.  

 I started with The Sewing Workshop pattern Mimosa top and pants. These pants are described as straight legged with contour waist and facing. They sit 1" below waist, include front and back darts and side zipper.  Simple.  hahaha

I must confess that the Mimosa pants are still in muslin stage.  I have made three muslins so far this summer and really, I have just lost my focus.  As can be seen in the photo above, even my last muslin was far too wide in the legs (that is what the blue tape is highlighting).  So, I decided to put everything away and make something else.  

These 2 pairs of shorts are from M 6930 View A 
I have almost nailed the fit on these so my next attempt at long pants will be using this pattern.  Wish me luck!

Besides crotch curves and back darts, my husband and I took a 2-week vacation in upper Michigan and into Ontario.  We stayed in a variety of settings- motel, B&B, AirB&B, and in a loft above a boathouse.  We had a fantastic time and soaked up as much water and trees as possible before returning to the Sonoran desert.  

Friday, July 27, 2018

blogger and comment notification

I noticed some bloggers were doing a workaround for not receiving comment notifications on their blogs.  The workaround was to include a comment and then...?  It seemed to be laborious to me and I didn't follow up with understanding all of the details. 

Well, I am not getting notifications now either and I have found a way to fix it. 

1.  Go to Blogger dashboard
2.  Select Settings, then Email
3.  There is a box for comment notification email.  My email was in there.  I removed it and hit "Save"
4.  Then typed in my email address, and hit "Save" again.  For good measure, I actually refreshed the page in between these actions #3 and #4.
5.  I got an email from Blogger asking me to "subscribe" to comments on my blog. Done.

I believe this will work.  Yes, it does. 

It's a wild world

I'm writing a pants post and like fitting pants, the writing of it is taking some time.  Enjoy some wildlife from my neighborhood while you wait.
Gambel's quail saying hi to me. 
Bobcat kitten
Palo verde toppled by the last monsoon
Neighbors are watering the wildlife
teeny, tiny cactus
Rhus lancea, or African sumac bites it in the last monsoon

Javelina, the delinquents of the neighborhood
King snake-the best to have in rattlesnake country

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

time out ride

Today I am taking you along with me as we load up some ponies 
                            and head out to the canyons.  
Three rigs and a car
My trailer and Lisa's old truck
Jeanna's rig
Victoria's new 3 horse and Don's truck
Yeah, we are organized.
The teenagers had their own vehicle, but we hauled their horses.
We knew they wanted to snapchat or whatever.
We arrived, tacked up and got going.
Temperatures rise.
Lisa, Pam, Jeanna, Beth, Alfredo, Victoria, Rachel and Aversa
Don and I are in front, because we both don't chat much.
The rest of this group were chatting since they hadn't seen each other in...oh...10 minutes. :-) 
Nick's rear and mine.  Plus Don and Chief in the lead. We are slowly warming up and heading out of the developed part of the park.  We had 3 green horses on the ride so we were careful.
Pam lost her cap as we navigated down some stone stairs.  Nick takes the opportunity to eat some veges.
More stairs and Don waits for all to navigate down.  Pam lost her cap AGAIN.  Alfredo and Beth took the teen girls down to the wash for a gallop.  

We crossed the riverbed and climbed back up the canyon. There are no pics of this part was technical, narrow and busy with hikers. Here we are riding along the mesa and are at the halfway point.  I love this picture of Nick as he reaches forward in a relaxed walk.
Back at the campground with happy riders and tired horses.
Black Hawk and Nick,
an equine bromance.

We were back home by 10am and eating lunch at a cafe by 11.  
Life is good.