Pandemic purchases

I don't know about you but I am burning through my discretionary cash each month.  When we began our lockdown in ?March, I was motivated to clear out any patterns or fabrics which did not spark enthusiasm.  Check, done.  I do not know how this happened but I now have MORE patterns than when I started this organizational whirlwind.  My pattern limit is around 150 though I have had more and had less over the years.  150 is enough to find a style or detail I love and allows for having some patterns just for the pleasure of it. I cleared out quite a few and was oh, maybe at 130 during early summer.  Now I have 159.This does not include all the PDFs which have not been updated into my electronic file system.  Nor does it include the men's and children's patterns, or the quilt patterns, or the home dec patterns which are on Word files.  159 patterns for clothing for me.  
KS 3115 is the oldest pattern in my stash at this time.  So many of us have made those yoga pants.  I will ke…

Titles for 2020

Last month I hit bottom in my attempts to stay current with the news, and maintain my sanity.   I was reeling and unable to find interest in fiction which did not have some "bite" to it. I picked up The Stand and read it again-first read in maybe my 20s???  King is fun, interesting, and always gruesome.  The long version was pretty repetitive, but it is possible to speed read parts of it and not really lose the thread.  

Since last month, I have regained my humor and hope, so look for posts to be featuring art, fiction, and craft as we move toward Nov. 3rd.  I have read some wonderful novels, and am currently listening to "Boone's Lick" by Larry McMurtry, who wrote Lonesome Dove.  
In sewing news, I have some beautiful patterns to show you and some nice garments from those patterns.  I have been working with  Japanese sewing books with great success.  I love the aesthetic in Basic Black by Sato Watanabe.  
Thank you to those readers who reached out to me.  I am st…

Hope springs eternal

New patterns and new choices abound with the release of Butterick spring collection as well as McCall's spring collection.    Once I signed up again for an account, I set up my wishlist.  My goodness but these styles are ladylike!  I live a casual and sporty life and though I sometimes dream of being sophisticated, it is true that my days are spent in breeches or loose pants.  So, the Butterick offerings include only 4 patterns that I might be able to integrate into my closet.

First up is B 6740 wardrobe which includes a duster style coat, jacket, shell, and pants.  Princess seams on the coat and jacket, cute detailing on the shell, and the pants have a contoured waistband.  Win!

Next up is B 6732 blouse, an empire blouse with a variety of necklines and sleeve choices.  I think this will be great for the summer.  

Another nice blouse pattern is B 6731.  The shaping in this blouse comes from a tie in the front, leaving the back somewhat less fitted.  I like the sleeve options and just…


In these trying times, I am so grateful to the press for shining their light into the darkness of corrupt actions by those in positions of power.  What would we do without a free press?

I am grateful for the chance to vote, both for local leaders and national ones.  Vote!

My retirement continues to be a time in which my true self emerges and I love following my interests.  

My marriage means so much to me and I cannot imagine how different life would be without the love we share.  You are my sweetheart, Ross. 

                                Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Why blog?

There is nothing worse than having to do something creative when given a deadline.  Even a self-imposed deadline.  

I got out of the habit of reviewing my sewing, and when that started, I also stopped sharing most of my sewing projects on other platforms.  As time went on, I couldn't convince myself of any of the benefits of writing a pattern review, or photographing a garment, or sharing a project here or on Instagram or Facebook.  
For awhile, I was happy to be all by myself in my sewing room.  I planned a project, I sewed it, and then I wore it.  After a time, I realized some things.  One, my work was suffering because I knew I was not going to analyze my work, much less photograph and publish it.  Two, I was losing some creativity because I was not feeding that part of the process.  Finally, I realized I was lonely for the community.  
So, why blog?  If you ask that question of Google, you will get a lot of information on how to build a blog following.  Oh God, just kill me now. …

Summer sews

I have lately been focusing on adding feminine elements to my wardrobe and also keeping Estee Lauder in business.  My recent clothing makes and purchases have been decidedly fun-lipsticks, fancy jacquards, glittery and striped linens, embroidered jeans.  I am feeling GOOD, healthy and strong and want my outsides to match that feeling.
I still struggle with pain and range of motion but am walking, swimming, riding and working around the house and yard.  Avoid at all costs falling off your horse or bike or a ladder at an advanced age!  

To celebrate this improvement, I made a dress.  It is a sheath dress, but with a button placket.  I used a rayon/linen blend in a warm paprika color, an impulse purchase for sure as this color is not in my closet at all.  While I love the color, the fabric itself is a bit too soft for the dress.  I know I'll make this again and use a more tightly woven fabric.  The pattern is M7944, a wonderful pattern for those learning to sew.  McCall's did a go…

Hot summer reads

Here is a sampling of what I have been reading.  Some are keepers and others? Well, they are entertaining.

First, I am currently staying up late reading The Farm by Joanne Ramos.  If The Handmaid's Tale caught your interest, you will find this novel thought-provoking.

Also taking up space on my Kindle is Before the Rain Falls by Camille Di Maio.  The story follows a woman recently released from prison, where she served a sentence for murdering her sister.  Did she do it?  Somehow, I think she was unfairly accused :-).

On a serious note, this title was recommended to me and others on a forum.  We were discussing resolutions and goals, and of course, improved mental health.  I have started it, but it deserves quiet study and I have yet to give it much attention.  It is good and contains both scientific background and helpful information as well as ways to improve one's mood.
The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time by Alex…