Friday, July 27, 2018

blogger and comment notification

I noticed some bloggers were doing a workaround for not receiving comment notifications on their blogs.  The workaround was to include a comment and then...?  It seemed to be laborious to me and I didn't follow up with understanding all of the details. 

Well, I am not getting notifications now either and I have found a way to fix it. 

1.  Go to Blogger dashboard
2.  Select Settings, then Email
3.  There is a box for comment notification email.  My email was in there.  I removed it and hit "Save"
4.  Then typed in my email address, and hit "Save" again.  For good measure, I actually refreshed the page in between these actions #3 and #4.
5.  I got an email from Blogger asking me to "subscribe" to comments on my blog. Done.

I believe this will work.  Yes, it does. 

It's a wild world

I'm writing a pants post and like fitting pants, the writing of it is taking some time.  Enjoy some wildlife from my neighborhood while you wait.
Gambel's quail saying hi to me. 
Bobcat kitten
Palo verde toppled by the last monsoon
Neighbors are watering the wildlife
teeny, tiny cactus
Rhus lancea, or African sumac bites it in the last monsoon

Javelina, the delinquents of the neighborhood
King snake-the best to have in rattlesnake country

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

time out ride

Today I am taking you along with me as we load up some ponies 
                            and head out to the canyons.  
Three rigs and a car
My trailer and Lisa's old truck
Jeanna's rig
Victoria's new 3 horse and Don's truck
Yeah, we are organized.
The teenagers had their own vehicle, but we hauled their horses.
We knew they wanted to snapchat or whatever.
We arrived, tacked up and got going.
Temperatures rise.
Lisa, Pam, Jeanna, Beth, Alfredo, Victoria, Rachel and Aversa
Don and I are in front, because we both don't chat much.
The rest of this group were chatting since they hadn't seen each other in...oh...10 minutes. :-) 
Nick's rear and mine.  Plus Don and Chief in the lead. We are slowly warming up and heading out of the developed part of the park.  We had 3 green horses on the ride so we were careful.
Pam lost her cap as we navigated down some stone stairs.  Nick takes the opportunity to eat some veges.
More stairs and Don waits for all to navigate down.  Pam lost her cap AGAIN.  Alfredo and Beth took the teen girls down to the wash for a gallop.  

We crossed the riverbed and climbed back up the canyon. There are no pics of this part was technical, narrow and busy with hikers. Here we are riding along the mesa and are at the halfway point.  I love this picture of Nick as he reaches forward in a relaxed walk.
Back at the campground with happy riders and tired horses.
Black Hawk and Nick,
an equine bromance.

We were back home by 10am and eating lunch at a cafe by 11.  
Life is good.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

summer sewing and a request

I absolutely love the beginning of summer here in the desert.  Getting up early to beat the heat is fun, and coming back to an air-conditioned house after working with Nick feels so luxurious.  Glasses of ice water, then peeling off wet and filthy riding clothes, and finally showering and cooling off are blessings in this climate.

There is absolutely no way that I would wear tight clothing during this season.  I have sewn a few dresses this month, and they reflect my need to stay cool!  First up is M6885 and the review is found here-PR review

This shirtdress is loose fitting with a pleat below the "popover" placket (say that really fast three times).  The collar and placket are standard but the shape of the dress is a slight lantern due to the pleat.  It's cute but not entirely flattering to an hourglass shape.  I do like the color blocking and will try this pattern again, reducing the overall length of the bottom band.

Next up is another loose-fitting shirtdress but this is an adaptation of a Sewing Workshop pattern for the Florence shirt.  I extended the length by 2 7/8 inches and moved the horizontal pleats down near the hem.  I like the way the pleats force the vent (my addition) to open, allowing the front of the dress to hang higher than the back.  The Florence shirt comes with long sleeves, and I only had a bit over 2 yards of a lovely checked voile.  So, I altered the sleeve pattern to make very short sleeves.  I like this dress a lot, and think the pattern will become much used in my stash.

Some great features:

pleated and angled

yoke on the cross grain and back placket

excellent matching

wonderful buttons

My review is found on PatternReview click here 

I entered this dress in the Shirtdress Contest and hope I get some love :-)  The contest gallery is found right here.  Please take a moment to enjoy the gallery and vote if you are interested.  The voting ends on the 25th I believe.  Thanks!!

Monday, June 18, 2018


Aug 2014
The rains beat wildly
against the hard earth;
seeking entrance to the womb
that gave them birth.

Causing flash flooding,
in gullies all around;
minor flooding in
several parts of town

The gusty winds blow
havoc,  with all things light;
enabling some of them,
to rise in unexpected flight.

Tumbling in the rain swept street,
they spin and race in fury;
like startled things they fly,
in one big, storm-filled hurry.

Monsoons hit the Arizona plains,
dust storms, hail and lightning,
thunder booms her mighty voice,
when close, it's rather frightening.

by David Lessard (Prescott, Arizona)